Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Jeffree Star Summer Chrome Collection Review

I picked up 3 items on BeautyBay from the Jeffree Star summer collection that was released at the end of June. I managed to get my hands on two of his velour liquid lipsticks in the shades Calabasas and You.Better.Work along with a skin frost in the shade Summer Snowcone and seriously considering picking up Family Jewels now too!

After seeing the yellow shade of Summer Snowcone, I originally wanted to pick up the skin frost in Crystal ball but after seeing pictures circulating i was worried it would be too pale for me so i decided to risk the yellow colour And i'm so glad i did! The yellow doesn't translate onto the skin, and actually shows up as a very soft, pale gold which i think will work perfectly for anyone with a medium skin tone.  
I already have 2 other Jeffree Star highlighters, Princess cut and the Manny MUA collab in Eclipse and on comparison i definitely think that the same formula was used for this collection as was used for Eclipse. Summer Snowcone is incredibly soft and extremely pigmented when swatched, Something i didnt find at all with Princess cut, which seems harder in the pan and takes much more effort to build up a blinding highlight. Ive used both a small fan brush and a more dense highlight brush with this highlight and both work well depending how intense you want your highlight to be, and as someone who likes ALOT of highlight, i haven't found that building it up causes it to look yellow. 

The Jeffree Star velour liquid lipsticks are hands down my favourite formula of liquid lipstick, and so i am always straight in line when he releases a new collection, and this was no exception. The first shade i picked up was the shade Calabasas which i expect will be the most popular shade in the collection. Its a very soft muted pink with red undertones, similar to the shade 'I'm Shook', however Calabasas definitely pulls more pink.  I have noticed with this collection that the formula has changed and seems to dry much faster, meaning you have to work a lot quicker when applying and also the change to his applicator means you need to go into the tube a few times for one application which i have never found with his other lipsticks which take one dunk for a full application. However, this shade is fully opaque with one layer and looks absolutely stunning and i definitely think it will work for all skin shades.

The next shade i picked up was 'You. Better. Work' which is a very vibrant, almost neon purple with a hot pink undertone. I personally love purples on the lips and i was so excited for there to be a purple which i would wear added to the collection. I do find that this shade needs two layers to get the full vibrant purple, otherwise it does come up a little patchy but that also could be due to the change in formula which means some arts are drying faster than others before you have finished your application. A word of caution is to have some strong makeup remover on hand for removal and to avoid anything greasy when eating if wearing this shade because it stains like crazy! After removing this, my lips are always stained bright pink, as well as around my mouth, that said its not something that i personally find to be too much of a deal breaker and ill definitely still wear this shade. 

Overall, i am very impressed with the summer chrome collection and i definitely have my eye on more, especially some of those lip ammos which are finally in shades i would wear!